Orders ship 24 hours after receipt of proof approval.  Add a 30% surcharge to the total per piece price.  The minimum fee is $95(v) for this service.

If this service is available the “24 Hour Lightning Service” icon will be displayed next to the item.  Orders must be received by 10:00 AM to be entered same business day.  Proofs will be provided within 24 hours of receipt of the purchase order and artwork (sent to our specifications - see pages 49 – 51).  If the proof approval is received prior to 10:00 AM ET, your order will ship the following working day.  ALL proofs must be signed, dated and either faxed or emailed to us without exception. 

It will be assumed that for any “24 hour Lightning Service” order, the job will ship overnight unless otherwise stated in writing.    Due to the variability of timing and volume of orders being received, “24 Hour Lightning Service” may not be available at all times on items.  Whenever requesting “24 Hour Lightning Service”, it is best to contact the factory to make sure that the service is available on your item.  Please include your “In Hands” date on you purchase order.

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